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About Ten Eight Service Dogs


Not all disabilities are visible. That's where service dogs can help.


Our Vision

The purpose of Ten Eight Service Dogs Inc is to identify people within our community whose lives can be positively enhanced by the addition of a service dog. We work with clients to find the best puppy candidate. We are there for every step of the process, from puppyhood to graduation. Our goal is to see the team reach their fullest potential, freeing them to enjoy more aspects of life.

How can a service dog help?

Service Dogs perform many different tasks for many different disabilities. A few of those categories include medical alert, psychiatric and mobility service dogs. Some of the tasks they may assist in include: alerting to a medical episode, retrieving medication, retrieving help, retrieving dropped items, deep pressure therapy, counter balancing or bracing, opening/closing doors, calming during a panic attack, blocking, grounding, alerting deaf to noises, and other tasks.


10-8 is police code for "available for calls/in service."
It's our goal to facilitate the training of a service dog who can come to their person's aid in their time of need.

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Rose Mansavage


Rose Mansavage has over a decade of experience training dogs for local law enforcement, professional dog training organizations, and private clients. She founded Ten Eight Service Dogs because she recognized a massive demand for service dogs who can help with a wide variety of medically substantiated disabilities. With three German Shepherds of her own, Rose has first-hand knowledge on the impact a working dog can have to enhance the life of their partner.

Chris Boyd


Chris is a retired police sergeant/dog trainer who has been training dogs since 1999. She is an international Search and Rescue dog trainer who is passionate about teaching dogs and humans how to develop effective working partnerships.

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Learn more

Want to learn more about Ten Eight Service Dogs and our mission? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch by clicking the button below.

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