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Apply for a Service Dog

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Applicant Qualifications

  • Live in Dane, Jefferson or Rock County (or willing to travel there)

  • Have a medically substantiated disability

  • Independently able to give commands (could be a parent)

  • Able to meet the emotional and physical needs of a dog

  • Meet the financial responsibility to start the program and maintenance cost of owning a service dog for it's lifetime (non profit will subsidize half the cost to start

  • Be willing to meet annually for evaluation

What to Expect During Application Process

Complete and submit all components of the application. An incomplete application will not be reviewed. We will contact the applicants to let them know if they will be invited to interview. Applicants selected will be paired with their own trainer who will then work with them to select a prospective service dog.

A Complete Application Will Contain:


Already have a dog that you think would make a suitable candidate?

Not all dogs will be a good fit for service dog work. Temperament is going to be the first factor our trainers will look at. We also look to see if other dogs of that particular breeding have gone into service dog work in addition to the health history of the parents. Finally we will look at the unique characteristics of each dog to determine if he or she is capable of performing the tasks desired of him or her.

Just like not all people are a good fit for professional sports, the type of training and focus it takes to be a service dog will negate some potential canine candidates. We know this is a huge investment for both you and your trainer so we work hard to avoid future pitfalls that could prohibit your dog from being of service to you. Since this is no light decision and requires time and careful consideration, there will be an added $200 evaluation cost for dogs that have already been purchased by the client.


Have questions?

Thanks for submitting!

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